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This is the gallery of Digilife, a post-Digimon Adventure/02 RPG on Livejournal set in the real world.

Rather than being a gallery for Adventure art in general, this gallery reflects the RPG. Any art submissions which are unrelated to the RPG will be rejected, especially art for other Digimon canons.

Also, this being an Adventure-based game, any affiliation requests from groups about characters who are not part of the Adventure-verse or for different Digimon canons entirely will be declined.

For more information about the RPG, please check out our About Us page or the game itself.


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It's been nine years since the fall of Belial Vamdemon, and peace graced the Digital World during this time. The children grew up and are in college. Life goes on as usual, with little to disturb the peace.

However, still waters run deep. Even as an unprecedented period of peace continued in the Digital World, darker forces worked in the shadows. The darkness is becoming restless and it yearns to call its children back. Somewhere in this darkness, where grey sands cling to the skin and aquatic decay clings to the throat, an eldrich horror bides his time.

And he's not the only one out there.

Digilife is a post-Digimon Adventure/02 RPG on Livejournal, played out in the character journals. Originally established in 2006, the game idled out in early 2008 and was rebooted in mid-2010 with a clean slate. The game is real world-based and realism-oriented, with a young adult slice-of-life storyline between the Digimon plots.

And as you may have guessed from our fabulous recruitment poster, we're recruiting! Check out the game and if you like the looks of it, apply here if the character you want isn't already taken. ♥ For some ideas of who all isn't taken...

Japanese Adventure Chosen:
We really need these guys!
  • Koushirou Izumi (must be willing to put in the research for his tech talk)
  • Jyou Kido (must be willing to put in the research for his medical stuff)
  • Yamato Ishida

Digimon partners:
Everyone on this list is being NPCed or barely mentioned right now. We need the critters the show was named for!
  • Agumon
  • Piyomon
  • Gabumon
  • Patamon
  • Palmon
  • Gomamon
  • Tentomon
  • Tailmon
  • Hawkmon
  • Armadimon
  • Wormmon
  • V-Mon

International Chosen:
Digimon World Tour, anyone? If you like playing OCs, these kids are an opportunity to do so!
  • Sam/Phil and Flare Lizamon (New York)
  • Lou and Tortomon (New York)
  • Tatum and Airdramon (New York)
  • Steve and Yukidarumon (New York)
  • Catherine and Floramon (France)
  • Mina and Meramon (India)
  • The three Poi Brothers and Shakomon (Hong Kong)
  • Yuehon and Hanumon (China)
  • Dien and Gorimon (Vietnam)
  • Derek/Dingo and Ganimon (Australia)
  • Anna and Unimon (Russia)
  • Sonya/Lola and Snimon (Russia)
  • Yuri and Kuwagamon (Russia)
  • Unnamed Australian, French, Siberian, and Mexican kids

Dark Spore kids:
How did getting their partners so late in the game and getting involved with the digital world for all the wrong reasons affect them? Are they living up to their dreams of the 02 finale, or are they discovering that it's a lot harder than they thought?
  • Noriko Kawada and Punimon
  • Hiroshi Shibata and Nyokimon
  • Takashi Yoshizawa and Poyomon
  • Keiko and Yukimi Botamon
  • The poor nameless kids

Parents and the international kids' families are open, as well as these prominent siblings from the anime.
  • Shin and Shuu Kido
  • Chizuru and Mantarou Inoue

D-1 Tamers:
We know someone out there's played D-1 Tamers! Kazuya and Rieko are getting to know the other Chosen and tormenting Ryo with their existence, but they need more people who know what Tamers are! Only five of them ever get dialogue, so D-1 Tamers are another OC opportunity, not to mention we're trying to set up a plot for them.

Yamato's bandmates:
Our old Yamato established that the band has a one album recording contract. What else have the boys been up to?
  • Yutaka
  • Akira
  • Takashi

Prominent Digimon from the first two seasons:
  • Ogremon
  • Elecmon
  • Leomon (reborn, will have to die)
  • Sukamon and Chuumon
  • Digitamamon
  • Starmon
  • Revolmon

Something we'd really love is for the internationals, Dark Spore kids, and Tamers - the OC types - to bring some diversity to our cast, in terms of lifestyle, gender, and sexuality. Not everyone goes to university and gets a part-time job straight out of high school, not everyone's gender matches their biological sex, and not everyone is attracted to the opposite sex, but that's mostly what we're seeing in-game right now.
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